The InnerDomain: From Where All Things Emerge

hanz.moment_in_designThe various posts on this blog focus on the inner domain that underlies all aspects of our lives. In the innermost depths of our being lies the reservoir of all that motivates and directs our lives. I say “depths’ because there are layers and layers of our being that take us back to the one source of all of us. I usually refer to it as the Life-Force, or simply, LIfe, or, often as, Self. It is this inner journey that takes us back to our source that is also a focus of this blog.

This is the guiding principle of my work and my understanding of everything that we are involved in. If what we are involved in supports that deep inner sense of Self, then we will be successful in such a way that ultimately benefits us and others around us to remain intact and healthy, personally, interpersonally, spiritually, etc. If not, then there are conflicts, disturbances, etc, that affect us internally and externally, and those around us. This blog touches on various aspects and concerns and questions about the inner domain of our life.

A posting I received this morning from Matthieu Ricard:

Patience is essentially the ability to bear with suffering. It is the fertile soil in which the flowers of Dharma (in other words, the three disciplines) can grow and spread their perfume of good qualities. Encircling these flowers like a protective fence are the three kinds of patience. The first is the patience to bear the sufferings and difficulties that occur while one is striving for the twofold goal: Buddhahood for one’s own sake and the accomplishment of the welfare of others. The second kind of patience is the ability to put up with the injuries that others might inflict, while the third kind is the ability to confront, without fear or apprehension, the doctrine of emptiness and other profound teachings.