Self-Led Coaching™: Life and Professional Coaching

“What you get by achieving your goals
is not as important as what you become
by achieving your goals.” Thoreau

Self-Led Coaching is an intuitive approach that focuses on your personal and/or professional life. The initial emphasis is on clarifying what you want more of in your life and then on building your strengths, your confidence in yourself, in order to achieve what you want. It is for those who are motivated to make changes in life. Achieving clarity and confidence is what you will walk away with from the coaching process. You can come in with a specific goal or not. By the time you have completed this process you will have a goal, a plan, and have begun moving toward achieving that goal.

The notion of self-led comes from the model of Internal Family Systems (IFS), developed by Richard Schwartz, Ph.D. In IFS the focus and goal of the work is to develop the ability to access more self in our lives: to come from a place of our true self. Dr. Schwartz suggests that the qualities of self include curiosity, compassion, courage, creativity, clarty, confidence, and calm. Self-Led Coaching is an intuitive approach based on these qualities, that is it is, for example, compassion-based. It works with these qualities as a way to develop that capacity to be self-led in our life and in our work.

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. Henry David Thoreau



I will guide you through the process and monitor your progress along the way.

• The coaching process itself will involve 3 months.

• We will meet once a week for 3 months.The sessions are each 60 minutes in length.

Sessions can happen in-person, on the telephone, or through Skype, Facetime, or VSee.

• You will have “””homework”, or exercises in between those sessions.

• You will have access to me via email, texting, or telephone, in-between the sessions.

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This will be one of the most enriching and enlightening experiences you will have in your life. You will learn skills and things about yourself that will be valuable for you beyond our coaching time together.

The key will be that you will learn to come from a place of self, a self-led place, in clarifying your goals, developing the steps to achieve those goals, and in implementing those steps necessary in achieving your goals. Coming from a self-led place, your process will be one that gives you the opportunity to experience what it is like to direct and work your life from a place that is true to yourself. In that way you will begin to build the self-confidence that will carry you forward in your life. Success comes when you are true to yourself, completely behind where you are coming from and able to direct your life toward achieving what you most want in your life.



“Good coaching focuses on an individual’s strengths and aims to help the client achieve what they want more of in life and at work. The goal? To help the client identify and achieve their greater goals and to help them live a better life. A good coach isn’t there to “fix” anyone, but to help the client navigate toward a more engaged and compelling future.” –– Robert Pagliarini