The Only Journey


Consistently, my postings to this blog will be about going inside of oneself, coming to know oneself, and finding the answers within oneself. This is the particular direction my work with individuals and groups move toward. In my personal life and pursuits and in my professional life, working with others, this focus is consistently the same.

It comes from a fundamental knowing that we are an expression of some power or intelligence or consciousness out of which we have come into being. Looking around the natural world, of which we are a part of, it seems to me that it is unarguable that we come from some source of intelligence of some sort. The great complexity and underlying simplicity of Life is not random. It is great and beautiful.

Even the notion of being objective is only relative and conditional. How can we be objective about something of which we are a part of, and an outcome of? Using that relative and conditional sense of objectivity, while at the same time, connecting with that source, as a resource, from which I and all of us, all living things, comes from, is the place I want to work from more and more. Being objective is limited, for good reason. It is about connection, to the other person and to that source that is inside of each of us.

That is inside of me. And if I believe that is the place to work from, then it seems to me that my work is to assist others to do the same for themselves. The source of everything is within us. It is not a new knowing, a new idea, or a new perspective. It is a traditional one. There is such a tradition that all cultures present and extinct that have such a knowing.

Our living in many ways pulls us outside for many things. Through all that I have experienced in my life, I have come to realize that the knowing I have needed in order to better understand and live my life comes from the inside out. And, interestingly enough, everything outside in some way, to some degree, reflects that inner knowing just in case I am too misled from the inner knowing, that inner domain, from which everything emerges. And, ultimately, returns.

I see my work with clients to get them to find their way back to that inner place from which they came and evolved, developed and formed, and continue to transform. We were embedded in that place when we were born, with all our uniqueness. This is how I work with clients, to help them develop that skill means to go inside themselves and come to know for themselves who they are, and what they can and will do given that knowing. It is a journey. A return journey in many ways to themselves, to who they are truly are and where they truly have come. I know it works. I know it is real. And, I know that we will return there, one day.

So the postings on this blog will reflect that knowing and that work. It is what I have come to hold with the greatest respect and truth. I cannot do anything else but that, to speak the truth I have come to know. And, in that way, doing that will help others do the same. Let the journey begin.

There is nothing in this world human beings do not seek; they explore the mountains and the hills, aspire to know what is in the sea and beneath the sea, in the most remote deserts. However, there is one thing people neglect and do not seek: the divinity that is within them. Rabbi Zadok ha-Kohen