“All of the world is just a narrow
bridge, all that is required is not to make oneself afraid.”  Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav


What is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the practice of conducting individual and/or group sessions, whether for psychotherapy, coaching, consulting or supervision, over the Internet. It is a fast growing trend that originally started focused on providing such services to those in rural areas and/or those home-bound for various reasons. It continues to be an excellent way for such individuals to benefit from psychotherapy sessions.

However, it is now quickly becoming a preferred modality for those not necessarily limited in their ability to access psychotherapy. It is becoming a preferred modality for those who simply prefer to do psychotherapy from a location that is convenient for them, such as at their own home, their place of business, when on vacation, and any other location.

The teletherapy session is done through the internet in a video conferencing, or video chat, format. I work through VSee and Zoom, which both are HIPAA compliant. While Skype and Facetime can be used, they are not HIPAA compliant, and therefore not a confidential service. You would need to be aware of and agree to them knowing that they are not compliant.

Setting up the Initial Session?

To set up your teletherapy sessions, and/or to inquiry further about the service, please contact me directly.

You can have an introductory session to teletherapy free of charge so that you can experience it and see if it is something that will work for you.


Payment for teletherapy session will be expected in advance of each session.


Payment options include:

  • Checks: made out and sent to: Andrew M. Prokopis, Psy. D             PO Box 226                             Sanbornton, NH 03269
  • PayPal